Read / Write / Local: Unbound -- Beth Overmyer and Rox Siles

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Every Tuesday at 7 pm it's time for Read / Write / Local UNBOUND via Zoom. 

Meet an author or two from nearby, or faraway.  Find out about what they write, why they write, and anything else you would like to know.  We are open to your questions!  It's a TWOFER night as we bring in TWO local authors with stories to tell. 

At 7:00 pm:  Beth Overmyer hails from Amhest, she is the author of The Goblets Immortal trilogy, a fantasy series published by Flame Tree Press. When not writing, she likes to read in almost any genre, fantasy and mystery being her top two picks, she is also adept at leading writer's groups and encouraging creativity.

At 7:30 pm: Rox Siles is an Avon Lake physician and mom.  One night, Rox and her son could not agree on which book to read before bedtime. At that moment, they created “Charlie the Turtle and the Muddy Birthday Cake,” and the rest is history. During the pandemic, Rox discovered the talent of illustrator Monica Kimmell through her fantastic sidewalk chalk drawings in Avon Lake. Together, Rox and Monica brought "Charlie" to life (as well as "Carlitos" a Spanish version of the book) and there is much more to come.

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