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Poetic Champions Compose 12pm
Reading and writings from poets Monica Babcock, John Burroughs, and Lisa Kahl. Writing, publishing, and performing poetry all have challenges. Fireplace Area.

Your Story Could Be a Book 1pm
Lara Lillibridge, Deborah Gilder, Holly Maholm, and Eva Starr draw on life happenings to bring both “how-to” advice and lessons from experience to their work. Fireplace Area.

Getting it Right: Writing and Research for Non-fiction 2pm
Getting to the truth and separating it from myth is a big job for any author. Jason Lloyd, Christopher Johnston, and Kelly Boyer Sagert write about what they know, but do their homework. Fireplace Area.

Stories for Everyone: Fitting Genres, Defying Expectations? 3pm
Are you writing for a known audience, or do you hope one is out there? Fiction writers like Mary Campisi, Ian Lewis, Jack Beltane, and L.A. Henno have very different audiences. Fireplace Area